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Life's Adversity-- Our Greatest Teacher!

Rita Be-Still is the founder of Be-Still Personal Growth Services & Metaphysical Bookstore in Elmvale, On established in Nov,  2013, as well as co founder of the LightBearers Association of Canada.

     Rita’s has experienced many familial losses. In a span of less than ten years, she lost three brothers and a young nephew to cancer, her twenty-one niece was killed in an automobile accident.  Her mother unable to cope with the death of her sons escaped her earthly reality.  She developed Alzheimer and subsequently died from a massive stroke.  Her two older sisters also developed mental illness due to their life’s circumstances, and they, too, became stroke victims.  Her father went senile and died of a broken heart, following the demise of his family. 

     Rita’s darkest night of her soul however was the separation from her teenage daughter and her youngest daughter’s bulimia, a severe eating disorder, which she battled for many years. These challenges served to propel Rita to explore and seek out new and healthier ways of perceiving adversity!  And rather than give into the abyss of despair following the demise of her immediate family, she chose to pursue a career in the Social Service Field, helping others find meaning in their suffering. Rita's insight as to why 'bad things' happen to good people has availed invaluable inner peace, enabling her to detach from life's drama! 

     Rita devoted many years to the study of Psychology, Mental Health and Meta-physics (Mind/Body Connection), which has been her ‘saving’ grace, but more importantly, arming her with understanding that the world is indeed a stage, and each person plays many parts!  However until we have the desire to 'awaken' and shift from fear to love and stop perceiving ourselves as victims of life's circumstances, our ability to heal and to grow from life's adversity will continue to elude us!   

     Furthermore, if we fail to understand and embrace that we are the co-creators of our own circumstances, and therefore there is no one to blame, we will continue to suffer. Taking responsibility for our own emotional well-being is the first step to emotional freedom, rather than a lifetime of emotional turmoil! Rita’s childhood dream of making a difference in the world has become a reality.  Her unconditional love, compassion, and gentle spirit are gifts that restore and heal the hearts of individuals whose life has been less than kind! But more importantly, Rita has discovered that difficult roads can lead to beautiful new destinations and a beautiful mind blossoms forth when we walk gently upon the earth creating the change we want to see in the world!  

Furthermore, credentials on the wall do not necessarily make us wise, but our life’s challenges can make us whole!                                                                                             

Rita Be-Still, B.A., H.S.C., Psycho-Spiritual Counselor, Metaphysical Teacher,   

Rita is the author of The Gifts of Responsibility, Finding Peace & Serenity Amidst the Storm, released in 2007.  

She has also written two other books; Knowing, When to say Goodbye and The Slave Mentality, soon to be released.    

Rita Be-Still, B.A., H.S.C., Psycho-Spiritual Counselor, Metaphysical Teacher.
Rita Be-Still, B.A., H.S.C., Psycho-Spiritual Counselor, Metaphysical Teacher.

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