Inspirational Messages

Gratitude opens the door to our heart where dreams become a reality!

 The Rose 

The Rose is a reflection

Of our Personal growth. 

The thorns represent the 

Challenges essential for 

Our life's journey! 

As we overcome each 

Obstacle, we will, 

Inevitably Bloom!! 

Shine Your Light! 

I am here to mend your broken heart~~

fix your eyes on me

The One who heals all hearts~~

I judge not, nor must you! 

Step by step, you run the race…your eyes fixed on your goal 

With aching muscles and labored breath

Your freedom is there for you!

Your crown will not be of gold or fame, but a new life 

Filled with love, laughter and peace Obtainable only through forgiveness

Of all those who have wounded you, but more importantly,

Forgiveness of yourself! 

There’s nothing I need from you

There is nothing that you can ever do, 

That I cannot forgive

For your soul can never be tarnished~~love heals all!

I Am love and I Am in you,

Let my love guide you in all that you do

I need you to run the race before you 

Strong and brave to face the future~~

regardless of your past 

In spite of all your broken dreams, 

You have the right to be here 

Focus your eyes always forward 

For you are my Light, let it shine for others to see

Press on, I AM with you—

you cannot fail me 

I have lifted you out of the depths of despair 

With a new desire to follow your path 

Your faith in me will see you through 

I AM Jesus, the One who ran before you!

Rita Be-Still, Healer of Broken Hearts **2010 

We Are So Blessed! 

If we wake up each morning with more health than illness

We are more blessed than the millions 

Who won’t survive the week! 

If we never experienced the danger of battle, 

The loneliness of imprisonment, 

The agony of torture or the pangs of starvation 

We are ahead of twenty million people around the world 

If we can attend church without fear of harassment, 

Arrest, torture or death—we are more blessed 

Than over three million people in the world 

If we have food in the refrigerator, 

Clothes on our back, a roof over our head 

We are richer than 75% of the world’s population. 

If we have money in the bank or in our wallet or 

Change in a dish—we are amongst the 

Top 8% of the wealthiest people in the world

If we can hold our head high 

And have a smile on our face, we’re blessed 

Because the majority can, but most do not! 

If we can hold someone’s hand, or touch them— 

We are blessed because we are offering 

God’s healing touch!

Rita Be-Still 

The Rose is a reflection
Of our Personal growth. 
The thorns represent the 
The Rose is a reflection Of our Personal growth. The thorns represent the Challenges